Beyond The Tree Line


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Beyond The Tree Line

Meet the four year old conquering the Appalachian Trail

Year: 2024

Duration: 124 minutes

Genre: Documentary - Special Interest

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Producer: Joel Guelzo, Josh Sutton, Cassie Suttion, Nick Greene

Director: Joel Guelzo

BEYOND THE TREE LINE is a captivating feature-length documentary that chronicles the remarkable journey of the Sutton family as they trek the entire Appalachian Trail, covering 2,193 miles of wilderness terrain with their 4-year-old son, Harvey Sutton, before he starts kindergarten. The film showcases the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of backpacking through snow, ice, and endless rain while overcoming unexpected hurdles that test the family's determination. Witness moments of triumphs, struggles, and the camaraderie of the trail community. Through stunning cinematography and intimate interviews, the documentary offers an inside look at the mental challenge and willpower required to backpack from Georgia to Maine, proving that with commitment and perseverance, even the most daunting challenge can be conquered.